A Poem…

    “Reactionary R & R”

    Deputy Dubya went back to the ranch
    He needed another vacation
    He found it hard work spreading lies and deceit,
    Starting wars, and bankrupting the nation

    Sheriff Dick Cheney approved the request
    Having few words for Dubya to mime
    With those checks from his old firm arriving on cue
    Just to count them took most of his time

    “Let us think of the things you have done, little man!”
    The Sheriff intoned solemnly
    “And the steely-eyed judgment you’ve shown in your job
    Since I picked myself for your V.P.”

    “You need a reprieve from the wearisome toil
    Of repeating what others have written
    For each time that you fumble and bumble a line
    Our own asses get royally bitten”

    “Pay no mind to that woman out there in the ditch
    We’ve got more kids than hers to consume
    Just depress wages further; they’ll join for a job
    And our war fraud can then just resume”

    “As our slogan says: first take the money and run!
    Let the compounded interest start working
    Later on when their tax burden squeezes them dry
    We can laugh as their chains we keep jerking”

    “When the rubes figure out how we’ve looted the bank
    With our war spending out of control
    We can point to the absence of asteroid strikes
    As the proof of our time on patrol”

    “For the fools cannot disprove what hasn’t transpired:
    That what hasn’t yet happened will not
    Then we’ll afterwards claim that we did no such thing
    As produce this disaster we’ve got”

    “We’ll pretend that you haven’t been President, see:
    Which in your case will work, never fear
    Like that old court insanity plea for the dumb
    I’ll just whisper your cues in your ear”

    “Head back to your ranch, now, and get some more rest
    You can shovel some cattle ordure
    Anyway you’ve got nothing to do around here
    You’ve got R & R coming for sure”

    “Michael Murry, “The Misfortune Teller,” Copyright 2006


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